BUD APP DOESN’t WORK on iPad - what can you do?

so i'm going here through some of the reviews of the bad app and um one of the most common bikes is that you can't use it properly on ipad it's completely it's crashing all the time on ipad specifically and you see it here i tried playing this game on ipad and it doesn't even let me play the screen is so small and there is literally no space to move uh fix your game and then the so the feedback from the developer team is that could you record it and send me the video to our email if feedback is absolutely available and yeah so as you can see there isn't even an ipad app so the app here is only on iphone so it's not available on ipad so of course if you try to play it on ipad you would expect like completely nicer experience like with a bigger screen and all of that but the app is not yet available on ipad so that's what it is at this moment and that's why there are all these bugs and fixes

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