C.ai app won’t let you in… I can’t login with Apple ID….

The C.ai app has been gaining attention for its innovative features and unlimited messaging perks. However, it seems that some users are having trouble with the app's login process.

According to a video review by a tech enthusiast, the app "just won't let you in." The login process appears to be glitchy, with users experiencing long wait times and being randomly logged out of the app. The reviewer himself is unable to login with his Apple ID, and while he was able to create an account via Google Sign-In, he could not do so with other services.

The app's estimated wait time of 10-25 minutes is reportedly causing frustration among some users, and to make matters worse, it takes an average of 3 hours for the app's customer service to respond to users.

Despite these bugs and issues, the C.ai app still offers unlimited messaging compared to rival apps like Chai. As the app is still in its early stages, there is still room for improvement and fixes to be implemented.

In summary, while the C.ai app may be a promising platform for messaging, its login bugs and lengthy wait times may be a cause for concern among users. However, with further updates and improvements, the app has the potential to become a top-tier messaging service.

To help avoid these issues, users can also try using different login methods such as creating an account via Google Sign-In or by experimenting with other login services.

Overall, it's important to note that here are bugs in virtually every app on the market, and it is up to the developers to address them swiftly and efficiently.

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