Can you ADD A WEB BROWSER in RAVE app?

so can you add a web browser in a web app so i was trying to figure out and this is what you can do at least you can tap on the plus icon and then there is web but like uh the thing is you're just redirected to the google search but you can't create a rav party visit so like you know if i just search for like trees i just have a like basically web browser cool um but i can't create arrive watch party with it i can just browse with it what i can do is i can just tap on the video and then okay so so i can just tap here and i can start watching it and then create like a ref watch party just with this video but again it's a youtube video and i can just use youtube for that or if i see my video i can just do that so basically the idea is that you can only use this google search to find videos and start start watch party with that video uh yeah so that's that's how it works right now you can also add google drive in the rav uh google drive google photos but it's not possible to like browse web pages together like to browse internet together uh um yeah so i don't know solution to this maybe you have the idea like uh yeah i don't have a solution to this as for now so

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