Can you ADD MANY PEOPLE in LiveIn widget app?

can you add many people in life in widget so here's the app and if you tap on the chat you can see that you can invite many people so you can give access to your contacts and then you can just search by username here and then just follow these people if they follow you back they will be appearing here so i think that's how it works so that's the idea and then if you uh you can select uh and then you can select which moments will be updated in your in your widget and then also if you create a photo or something then you can just select to who you want to send it to your friends followers or if uh to the world or just only you so yep you can send uh your pictures to too many people here you can send like two groups of people and that's that so it was an issue in some apps like rocket widget or noted widget where i think it noted you could only send to yeah to your uh to one person but here you can send too many people

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