hello everyone so i'm just curious can you add multiple noted widgets so here i have one so if you just tap and hold it will start jiggle and then i just want to add another one i just step here and start searching and then as you can see there are different sizes so i can just add another one so seems that's working and also i can add another one like this one big one and like that so as you can see i had like a three noted widgets and that's completely fine of course i can just move them through the different screens if you like so that's completely possible but of course these multiple widgets they will just reflect one stream because in noted app it's only possible to have a connection with one other user um so it's not like a locket widget app where you know you can add like 10 people so here you can only link with one other person and you can only send these pictures to that person and yep so basically i think you will have just the same picture on all these multiple widgets so there is not really points to to add you know all these separate widgets because they will just show like the same picture as far as i understand it hope that can be helpful

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