Can you BACKUP your photos in Locket widget app?

is there a way to backup all your photos and all your data in Lucky widget just in case you want to to delete it uh while there is your photos so if you just go to your history you can go to each photo and then just tap save but yeah so you can go to through each photos and tab save on each photo so that's what you can do but there is no like one button as I understand uh where you can instantly Like You Know download the the about download all your photos all your contacts just in case for example you want to delete your account but you still want to save all the like lockets you sent and all of that so yeah that's basically the idea that's so I don't know uh maybe you can just reach out to their support center just sent to lock it yeah camera uh feedback maybe that can help you out but uh yeah you can also just go to like locket rewind which is like a feature in the end of the year where they just combine all your photos in one video so maybe that can be helpful um yeah for yeah for example to just save it um so yeah try try any of those features in any case you can just reach out to the locket features

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