Can you buy Ravencoin on Coinbase app?

can you get ravencoin on coinbase so if i just search for ravencoin on coinbase let's see what happens rvn i think it was one of the top gainers today so let's see it so there you have it ravencoin it's this asset is not supported on coinbase but i was just checking out in um that you can get it there i guess so you can just get it here on easily run wallet you can just tap by ren using your credit debit card by the way you can always use my referral link to if you don't have an account um so if i just go tap prefer crypt so i already referred one friend he and i got 25 dollars so if you use my referral link uh this is the link here so you can use crypto dot com slash app slash q and r92nq to sign up for and then you get some bonus when your friend stakes for a ruby card or above your ghost you both get 25 usd in cro hope that is helpful

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