Can you buy XYO crypto on Coinbase?

hey everyone so here is coinbase app let's explore if i can buy here c or crypto there you have it so recently it's going up pretty fast and there you have it so you can just see it here um so it's pretty volatile as well but like you can see like yeah it's going really up and yeah the thing is you can just buy trade and you can buy xeo either with cash on coinbase just like as a normal and then just add your payment method or you can convert 0 with a from uh yeah uh just just by converting from bitcoin or some other coins but like sync twice before you're doing that because because seems like bitcoin is more uh kind of uh reliable sustainable um coin like xeo i don't really know like the story of it token and all of the ideas but you can easily convert as file from bitcoin to xero and all of that so that's how it works

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