Can you change Instagram username on NGL app after creating account?

so here's ngl app um so um a lot of people are asking like if it is possible to change your um instagram account on on ngil app because it says here someone some user rights i have seen good reviews on it so i decided to load it and i honestly forgot about my account's name on insta and i accidentally put the wrong one is there any chance i could change it to my account instead of someone else's so like basically can you change your instagram username there so the the answer is not no at this moment it's uh maybe there is there will be some new updates but as you created your like link here it then it's not possible to change you can only delete your account and create a new account is another username if you're deleting your account you will lose access to your username and laws all questions so but if you added their own username and delete your account that's that's okay right because you will lose access to their own username anyways so that's basically the logic hope it is helpful

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