Can you connect METAMASK to INSTAGRAM?

so can you connect your metamask or rainbow wallet or trust wallet or any other digital wallet to instagram so there is a new feature coming to instagram it's not there yet for everyone but there are already like a group of users uh where you can see that so and instagram just announced here on tenth of may that uh the testing ways for creators and collectors to share nfts that i have created on instagram with the shimmer effect so yep that's an interesting announcement and yes you will be able to connect your metamask wallet or a rainbow wallet or trust wallet to start and then you will be able to get coinbase dapper wallet and phantom wallet in the near future you can read more about this on on instagram overview so you'll be able to connect your wallet and showcase either your nfts which you created or and if this is your own which are basically yeah all of them are in your wallet uh third-party wallets compatible for use will include rainbow metamask and trust wallet with coinbase wallet dapper and phantom coming soon there will be no fees associated with posting or sharing digital collectible on instagram uh so that's about that uh in addition we understand that the blockchain technology and nfts raise important questions on sustainability mata will help reduce the emissions impact that might be associated with the display of digital collectible on instagram by purchasing renewable energy learn more about our commitment to sustainability here we will expand access to digital collectibles soon bringing the benefits of nft ownership to even more creators and collectors so here you can see all the list of creators which should have that feature but for some reason i can't have i don't see actually the nft feature yet uh so you should see this nft tab but it's not there for me so anyhow hope this is helpful and yeah thank you for checking it out

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