Can you create an account with SnapChat in GAS app?

here is Gaza I'm trying to create an account and one of the questions users are asking in their reviews is can you create a account without phone number or via some other app like sign in with Snapchat for example or with your email so at this moment it's not possible you can only create an account uh yeah with your mobile phone number that's it it's not possible to create an account with Snapchat or Google or Facebook or anything like it so that's basically the idea yeah unfortunately I don't know if it will be allowed ever to create an account with Apple ID or Google or anything like or or even just Snapchat a lot of like these apps you can log in with your Snapchat account would be nice but because this app is anonymous and it's for high schoolers probably they just want to make sure that everyone is super verified and you some strangers can't just create an account out of nowhere uh so that's basically that other than that um yeah hope that is helpful in case you are looking for it

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