hey everyone so can you delete an account in um i don't think so because it's like blockchain based app it means like everything is in blockchain and like you just connect your metamask and that's basically your account there is no option here to like you know tap and delete my account because it's just on the blockchain and then to you can unregister your name uh you can transfer to to the burn address 0x0001 but that doesn't erase the fact that you used to own the name and yeah it will be still visible on blockchain you can transfer your name um but yeah to with the one thing you can do you can just disconnect your wallet but that doesn't delete your account that's not how the blockchain works similar way you can't delete your account on the meta on like on openc or um yeah on the uni swap pancake swap because these are all like blockchain based apps and you can't like everything is visible on blockchain in the nodes so it's not deletable

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