Can you generate AI avatars FOR FREE in DAWN AI?

so here's down AI app can you use down AI for free is there a free version of this app so here you have the app and make sure to also go to the App Store and update to the latest version because this app has understood it's been updated quite often especially like the its pricing policy and all of that so just make sure to go and update it and after you do that uh yeah let's just explore so I want to create a new AI Avatar so I can just upload some photos from let's say my selfies album and I just go there and then I just upload try to upload it [Music] um and then unfortunately there is only option to upgrade um like so if I want to tap generate 50 avatars it only redirects me to this pop-up PG blocks the screen and now you can yeah you can you need to upgrade so the thing is I use this app like for around the week and it was possible to use it for free but they changed something probably they use this like as a marketing tactic to get in the top chart of the US App Store so they did they were among like top three top five apps in the US App Store overall like a lot of people jump to this app to generate yeah avatars for free but then it's just locked and now they introduce this pop-up and it's no more possible no longer possible to generate this for free unfortunately um so that's what it is right now um so that's basically it um but make sure to update to update the app um maybe they will change it back again but like I'm not sure about it because um like the computational power for for generating AIO there's pretty expensive all these AI tools they're really amazing but they cost a lot of money as I understand for example GPT chat costs three million dollars per day to run two Runners it's like models and similar to this AI what are apps it's pretty expensive to generate these images so yeah uh problem is that that was just some promotional strategy where uh yeah it was possible but now it's not possible anymore so yeah there you have

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