so here is your social app and if you want to try to get verified um there is what i would suggest to do uh just go to the app store and then you can tap app support here you are directed to support their website um and then you can just tap support at and this is where you can reach out with any email requests and with any request regarding your verification because if you open through social app there are some accounts here which are verified some are not like here you can see that for example nasa it's a bot account it's not verified some other accounts are have this verification check sims which are then verified uh so here you can see that this has this kind of red check mark it's basically a verification check mark um yeah if you see a bot it means that um yeah this account is basically aggregation of rss feed it's not a real account but if you see this red check mark that's what it is um basically and yeah so that's then you can reach out here and state your reason why you think you deserve to be verified usually if you're an influencer some political person probably or some online personality and you can prove that you have you know like hundreds thousands of followers on instagram or on youtube and you can prove maybe send some screenshots of your audience or that you are important maybe that it is important people know that this is your real account and that because people can create bot accounts and all of that so this can be you know this can be an idea how to do it

Trump Social Media, Truth Social Pr...
Trump Social Media, Truth Social Preview
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