Can you GUESS WHO SENT YOU MESSAGES on NGL app? Some ideas

can you guess who sent you messages on ngl app so yeah if you received any messages you can go to your inbox and then you can see just a message so this is how it looks like um so something like that and uh yeah so that's what you see you don't see any additional message nothing you just see this this message who sent this so to see that you need to upgrade to pro membership and it says pro members can see exclusive hints on each message but it's pretty expensive so pro renews for 9.99 per week so if you tap you will need to upgrade for 9.99 per week uh on the app um yeah so that's pretty expensive that's per week not per month but what the reviews are saying there are a lot of people who are actually upgraded and then if you just see here some of the reviews you can see that the hint is not really uh it's not really worth it sometimes i i think it's worth it but in specific situations so usually what the hint says is just adjust advises you on which phone model and from which city so for example it can tell you user on iphone from new york sent use this message or some like on android from london or something like that so if you have a lot of friends in these cities it will be super hard to to identify who exactly what that was um so yeah don't expect a lot to see from from this hint but it just depends where you share this link so for example on instagram you can share the link just to your close friends so maybe you have like five close friends and you shared your instagram story only to them and like you know of these five friends only one lives in london so in this case for example like this hint can be helpful but if you shared like 25 50 friends it it will be really hard to identify just by a hint uh so how do i know like how many friends seen this were participating and sent this message you can just go to instagram and if you shared your instagram story you can see in story activity you can see who viewed the story so for example you can see that 50 people viewed the story so only one of those people ideally like yeah should have sent this message so you have 50 people and then from these 50 people if you upgrade and then uh you can identify you know like from your 50 friends you know uh you can identify okay who has an iphone and who lives in cc at that moment so maybe like from 50 people you can either identify like five or three so that's at least what what you can do you won't be able to identify ideally but at least like uh very narrow down the circle of friends so that's what i would do just combine pro subscription with instagram analytics but of course if you are sharing an instagram buyer it won't be possible to do it or if you're just sharing in some facebook group it would be super hard because there is no that exact tracking as you have in instagram stories so that's the trick if you share these links and attach it somewhere in your in your bio or yeah something like that it will be super hard uh to to track that down but if you attach it just to instagram story there is very handy analytics in instagram where you can check it out um yeah so that's that um additional idea i had so you see these green icons it means that i already replied to this message so for fun you can create a reply so by creating a reply you post additional story and instagram and just reply to this message and after that maybe with this message after you upgraded to pro subscription after you identified like on instagram so here are like probably three five people who could have sent it because they have iphone they've used the story they're from this city and then maybe you can just tag them in in this reply or something or just see their reaction and if you reply on instagram again and tag them and there is some a reaction or something that can give you additional hint so i'm just sharing my thoughts like what would be some ways to to get to get an idea of course it's a long process of course you can just reach out directly to your friends and just reach out to every of your friends and just send did you send this but you you will never know it uh so yeah that's the fun part of this app actually that it's it's really hard to identify and pro subscription just really gives you very very generalistic hints which in most cases won't help so much so yeah that's the idea so uh yeah i'm just thinking yeah just to sum it up so share this only on instagram stories don't include in the bio because on instagram story you have analytics where you can see who have seen these stories then you can just limit to the number of that users then upgrade the pro subscription for a week you will be able to see from for example 30 people viewed your story you will be able to know that these are only people who used an iphone from this address then you will have like from 30 people you will narrow it down to five or three for example and then post a reply see if there is any like some engagement or some from this three or five users maybe yeah so that's what i would do uh i don't know if you have any other suggestions uh just leave it in the comments below would be quite helpful thank you for watching please put a like so more people can have fun with this app

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