Can you message/send DMs in Truth Social app?

uh can you send direct messages can you you know message someone on on through social so for example here i'm on the account travel just any other account similar s on twitter um and then uh yep i just you know want to send a dm usually i would use for look for like letter icon but it's not there not there yet and if i go to messages tab in the bottom right i will see here that a new direct messaging experience will be available soon please stay tuned so it's uh so this experience is not there yet uh so it's not available yet on that but it will be there soon it's just not released in this update um so there you have it i don't know when you should expect it but following that you know like writing lists was taking like three or four weeks or even a month just to get access to the app i'm not sure like how fast this feature release in this app is so not sure if you can expect it in coming weeks or months or a year or something like that so yeah but i think it should come and you should be able to dm someone probably it will be similar to twitter as this design of this app is quite similar to twitter and somewhere on this account if someone is opening up their dms you will see this like letter icon and then you will be able to yeah to message someone or send a dm hope that is helpful

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