so there is this issue is lock it widget app then that there is a watermark so when you try to save the picture for the locket widget picture there is a watermark added like a small yellow heart icon and the developers one so far is just 17 hours ago the signs for bringing this up the team is looking into it it will will be fixed in an update soon so hopefully the issue is a watermark will be fixed so that's that but there is no like specific if you go to lock it widget there is no setting where you can remove watermark uh there is no upgrade option nothing and um yeah if you share locate widget to instagram or to snapchat watermark will be added or if you just save to your photos or if you want to react and send the text to locate widget also watermark will be added so i don't know if you can remove watermark but as you have seen there was just a response from developer team that it should be removed maybe in one of the next releases so just just a dialogue at widget app and that should help you to fix the problem

Simple steps to remove watermark in...
Simple steps to remove watermark in Capcut
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