Can you send more than 500 MESSAGES per DAY in CHAI app?

hello everyone so here is chai app so how to send more than 500 messages in chai app so this is their new update as you can see uh you only have 73 messages left and this limit is being reset every three hours so basically you can send 70 messages every three hours so it means during the day with this recent update you can send 560 messages on chai app uh so that's that's pretty cool that's already a lot uh like previously it was only 100 messages per day now it's 70 messages but every 3 hours so if you're using the app it's still it's still not not so much because yeah if you're really addicted to this app uh it's not enough to have 17 message but as you can see here's 70 messages left and this is uh yeah how it looks like so yeah there you have it so how this how it works

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