Can you turn the drawing in NoteIt widget? Lasso tool

can you turn the drawing in noted app seems it's not possible at this moment i'm just going through some of the reviews here there are a lot of artists and you know like creative people who use noted app to send pictures to their friends and loved ones and it's really cool tool but the like drawing tools are quite limited in noted widget um lasso tool isn't precise when you circle one thing it selects everything else around it um so you can't turn uh the the painting uh the tools are one cannot really divide so it's hard to really like you know produce something like high quality drawing in noted widget but um yeah like what the developer says we know that we have artisan on our user and we don't want to stop them anywhere our development team works every day to make nothing better for everyone stay tuned for upcoming updates

Contour Line Drawing Portrait #shor...
Contour Line Drawing Portrait #shorts
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