here is dream by wombo so can you upgrade or buy some premium subscription in this app so for example your image processing can be faster nope at this moment there is no way to pay or upgrade or buy some dream plus or dream by wombo premium so it's a free app essentially you can get and use it there are no any limits how many images you want to create or anything like that that's why it's actually in the top charts it's it's getting a lot of users all of that um yeah so that's basically it uh this studio wombo uh previously developed another app which used air technology to use your faces in gives and create animated gifs for like popular soundtracks but and then you were charged for example that your gift can be created faster or you can get access to premium tracks and all of that so maybe something like that they will develop on the way here um but yeah let's see i don't know what is the the you know the way forward uh this is just you have here an overview like announcements in their discord and then uh events and then uh yeah discussion and all of that so maybe you can check out here in their discord and ask this question

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