CANDI mobile banking app overview

hello everyone so here is candy app which is a new app in mobile banking so recently it is trending so let's just create an account see how it works uh so this is the the app for the canara bank so you can see it here so you can see the dashboard uh you can see transfers accounts upi dashboard default e f s c code internal fund transfer card functionalities upi pins and all of that so canara bank launches candy mobile banking app in build with slight version of the internet banking with the futuristic vision of one bank one app then the app candy denotes canara digital so there you have it the size is for 182 megabytes and [Music] there we have the bank canara bank together we can so then you can just allow using the app all notifications then seems you just need to wait a bit for this app to load so let's see how it works yeah so for some reason i just can't create an account here like it just doesn't load maybe the issue is that it's not available outside of canara or outside of us or something but it just doesn't load for me so for some reason doesn't work maybe it just doesn't work with the screen sharing or something like that but if you have some similar issues with the create an account in this app just leave some comments below interesting to know what what you think

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