Can’t finish sign up in Truth Social - what to do?

so through social app a lot of people just can't finish signing up some people say i'm getting an error message saying that the cloud server cannot connect to the network and will not allow me to continue with signing up there is a red bubble on top saying something went wrong to try again but i've been in the same page for over 17 minutes and still won't change frames so for what people you can't just go to create account page for some people if you go you can enter your email and sometimes email verification link doesn't arrive so that's another issue um and like for people who have that and then the verification text is email and uh like sms is arriving still there is some like another error something went wrong um so first what you can do just try to sign up in the app itself not on the website or not on the mobile website through try to do in the app it doesn't work some people say you can just delete and reinstall the app try wi-fi connection so try that maybe just wait for the app update you can always reach out to true social app support so that maybe can be helpful so yeah something around that um [Music] other than that yeah probably the best way is just to wait a few days until there is like an app update to fix the bugs or if you have any any other suggestions just leave them in the comments below

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