Can’t see NFTs on INSTAGRAM? Here is what to do

so what to do if you can't see nft features on instagram so i was in the same situation and i just asked this question for one of the nft creators on instagram and what you need to do is make sure you have the latest instagram app so just download the latest update and make sure that you close and reopen the app afterwards then like here is what you need to you could you can see basically there is like a nft tab in instagram and then if you go to nft you can just see that this is the digital collectible here so that's the overview but this feature is not available for all accounts at the moment is super super limited it's only like a better version for like 15 people uh you can read somewhere on instagram just google like which creators are participating in that so this is like very limited number of people who can connect their wallet and pause the nft but this is how it will look like it's like digital collectible and then there is no link anything at this moment so it's just like a description so yeah that's the overview if you can see just make sure first to go to this account to this creator this is where it's verified it's worked because this account is a part of this better program then make sure to update instagram and restart the app

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