Cash app available for kids & teens Overview

hey everyone so if you didn't hurt now cash app is available for kids and teens so cash app is basically available for everyone 13 plus in us so yeah if you're a teenager or kid you can sign up [Music] and then you can design your own card you can save on demand discounts and more money instantly so basic features of the cash for adults but also but you need to get an approval so just download the cash app to create a free account when prompted sender requests your apprentice guardian for approval once they approve you'll get your cash card so there you have it so that's uh that's how it works parents and guardians will be able to see a full record of transactions and transferring their monthly statements they can also dictivate the cash card and account at any time but contacting support so there you have it um so let's see for example let's try maybe to create an account here                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

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