Cash App Pending Payment issue - DO NOT REATTEMPT to send again - advice from Support

so if you have the pending payment issue right now with the cash app as probably like millions of other users because you can go to their status page and then you can see that like you know like a lot of users can't send payment or can't receive the payment there is an issue we send and receive money like first just don't uh don't do not re-attempt to to send money again like that's what they say here we are aware of some customers experience connection issues and are currently investigating if your transaction is pending please do not re-attempt at this time we'll be back with an update soon thank you for your patience so like that you try to resend that amount it won't fix the issue it will just complicate it for you and yeah for cash up so just don't do that is is the buck on their side so what you need to do first down the attempt to send the payment because you will make two payments and all of that you'll buy additional commissions and then um like you probably still need to write a bit more hours maybe uh maybe even a day or something because this issue was from yesterday it's still not fixed today so um yeah you can always of course reach out to cash up support but you can see here the strat on twitter like all people have just same issue you can dm them but in case you have some specific issue maybe you have some bigger amount you want to be double uh you want to double check and be completely sure you can always dm them here but i guess they're having so many support requests that your support answer can be like either like automated or it cannot come and all of that so i would suggest still to wait like few hours try again go to sarah status page and i would suggest to to not use cash app at this moment if you want to transfer money to some person especially if it's a bigger amount don't do it via cash apps these days try try to write at least few days use other apps like transferwise or i don't know like any other app there are so many and after this issue is fixed you can go back to cash app if you like it but yeah the cash up is down so that's the situation right now

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