Cash N Go app - how to create an account?

okay so here is cash and go app uh it's trending in the finance charts i'm just trying to explore is this app is legit or can you use it i would really like sync twice before you like can download it that's why i'm doing this overview for you to try it out uh because as you can see it's trending in the in the app store so i'm just trying to figure out why um this is not cash app it's not affiliated in any way with a the cash app it has a developer cash and go while cash app is developed by square so this is a new cash and go mobile wallet powered by by lanes by alliance's innovative payment solution developed to meet the needs of the people and businesses of the bahamas our new weather primary solution mobile world that has been designed to be easy to get simple to use safe and secure so [Music] you can just download the app and then you can just create an account with uh with your phone number then you can just deposit cash you can transfer funds to others by utility bills cat cash out so you can also accept uh merchant payments to the using cash and go mobile wallet but you need to contact them uh i'm not sure yet this app should be working in united states um yeah it was originally developed by for the business of bahamas you can allow notifications and then you can just create your account so it is only possible to use this mobile number and then uh yeah you need to unfortunate okay so you can only sign up here with 242 phone code um so it's probably like bahamas phone code so [Music] i'm not sure if you can do it any other way so that's basically that you can always reach out to contact support here

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