hello so let's just go through this app which is called cdl prep test by coco or something so i think this is one of the top apps to prepare for you for the commercial driver license exam uh so do you really want to pass this cdl test on your first attempt rcdl practice test questions are an awesome way to get ready for written cdl exams commercial drivers license it's a driver's license required by the us to operate any type of vehicle uh more than uh 4536 kilogram for commercial use um yeah so yeah basically if you want to to have that here is the app to do it there are a bunch of apps which which can help you out but i think this is one of the most popular ones so as you can see i just opened the app i do not require to create an account or something i'm just presented with a general knowledge testing [Music] so then i can just have all these questions i'm just answering some random answers um and then you can just tap and test and then uh yeah so yeah then you can see that this is your score that keeps starting you missed 4 out of 50 questions and that's it so this like very useful app just to go in it and just quickly to practice your questions so that's interesting then you have all the different categories which you can track here and then uh that's that's it uh then you have all these options so if you want to remove ads and the payment for that is just 6.99 only once so that's the price for it so that's not a big deal i guess if you're really pre like preparing for the test and you and you don't want to uh yet to actually uh uh yeah uh see all these annoying ads and all of that then you can just um yeah remove the ads but in these apps are not that annoying i haven't seen like those massive pop-ups so far so that's that's what it is uh like to go to the next level for example if you want to go to the level two after level one you just need to complete the previous level to unlock and yep so that's about it and there are different categories um let's just take a look at some other apps i was just looking because this one has 36 000 reviews then there is another one uh cdl prep it has 2k reviews and there is another 15k uh reviews app cdl uh prep test but the app i showed you it's in the top charts in the us app store in the category reference so i think this is one of the top used ones but of course you can also check out these these apps what are some good ones um this this is also in the top charts like a cdl permit practice test 2022 so yeah a bunch of them if you're using any and if you really enjoyed one of the apps just write it in the comments below like guys this is the greatest app i used and i really passed the test and it was really smooth experience just leave it in the comments leave it in the comments below or if you are reading it on my website yeah just also leave some comment or suggestion so thank you for watching

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