ChaCha random video chat app - full overview

here's interesting app which is called cha-cha random video chat and it's starting to grow in the in the app charts in the app store so interesting to look at this app like how how is it different from many others apps in this category like omega monkey and other chats apps like that hopefully it is a bit less scammy but let's just see this app category is like very popular these days so you can really meet someone funny funny you can chat you can share something interesting and sometimes this app can be really fun to use but yeah it's especially if there aren't that many bots or like some really low quality profiles if there is some kind of like verifications or like you know um when there is just like a better quality of the profiles on the app then it's interesting to use these apps otherwise so yeah it's always fun to try out different of these apps and just to choose which which one is better for you so now you can just create an account so let's just sign in so a lot of these apps don't need an account actually but here probably need an account so then you just need to swipe right click photo to enter profile and see more and then you can just chat at the enter video chat to chat more then there is one time offer kind of where you can just you know swipe right and left and then just tap on this video a chat icon to start chatting then you can see nerve profiles then you can see your account uh here's your account you can see settings here uh and that's basically it so then you can see all the location all the chats uh so yeah it's kind of like tinder swipe right swipe left and then just tap on the video icon to start a video call so something like that then there is a feedback um you can change your profile picture i guess you can edit your profile here at your birthday or something add your profile picture change your nickname change your language also in the bottom in the details you can just write some details about yourself your hobby your job your pets just everything you want others to know um yeah something like that and then as you can see already having some messages so maybe it's basically not the best app there but it has really nice clean design because some of these video chat apps are like the design is really clunky here it looks like this this is okay so yeah that's the idea uh you can also upgrade so for one once it's 99.99 then you can unlock chat you can get access to nearby users thousand coins per month and other features so that's basically it and then there is your wallet you can see your balance and if you're just interested in getting coins you can also get coins here so you can get like a 10 000 coins for 99.99 but yeah overall if you're interested in video chat apps um just yeah you can definitely give a try to this app who knows how it goes maybe he has this really nice experience here and you can find someone interesting or like yeah maybe this app also improves and adds more interesting features so this video was just in case you're really struggling with video chat apps so this is just another option for you

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