Chai app messages are reset every 3 hours

here's chai app and they have a policy that they only have 73 messages but they are sad every three hours so what i would suggest and uh that they also say uh say where it is being reset it's not uh yeah i think maybe it's even tied to the hours so what you can do for example you can log into the app once there is like 15 minutes uh to to reset and then you can send 70 messages and then you will also have soon another 70 messages and this you can have 140 messages already but of course i would really recommend you to upgrade if you really addicted to this app at least for monthly payments 13.99 per month and then uh you can also get like a free trial um yeah if you upgrade your annual account this app is also updating this limit of messages very often like you can have in the beginning they just had 100 messages per day then then they just reset it to 70 every three hours so i think they are just using all of this to try to optimize and figure out what the bus monetization policy for them is so make sure to upgrade this app and check it out later

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