Chai app now has 70 messages reset every 20 minutes?

so when you open chai app this is the the message you can see now after it's an update that you have 73 messages left you get unlimited messages and bots with premium so yeah messages reset in around 20 minutes and then there is a timer so that's basically what's what you can see right now [Music] and your account you can see that you now have 73 messages and they reset in in around 20 minutes so they again change this monetization model and now you yeah you can actually get like you know uh what's 210 messages per per hour and yeah so meaning that's more than uh 4 000 messages per per day so that's pretty increased uh limit here and then if you want to get premium you just don't need to wait 20 minutes you can get unlimited messages and bots with premium so that's that

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