here is burial app and to change your phone number here is what you do just tap on your profile picture in top right tap on three dots in top right and then here you have help so and then here you have contact us so it's a bit counterintuitive it's a bit tricky like why would you put your phone number change here but that's where it is and then here is the change phone number and then to do that you need to fill out some type form please create a new account on be real using your new phone number otherwise you won't be able to change the phone number please answer the following questions what was your previous phone number and then you need to answer that it's not on the us phone numbers it's every phone number and then and then uh what's your new phone number probably and then they will probably delete your own old account or tie it to the new account or something around it so yeah that's what can can be done and so try it out

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