Changing profile picture in BUD app

changing profile picture in bad app is pretty straightforward so just open the app create account tap in top left in the very top left part then just tap on edit profile and then tap to change profile picture here you can choose from photos or choose from pauses choosing from poses meaning choosing from your avatar because this is like you know a metaverse avatar app and basically you can just upload your avatar and this is how it can look like and then you can just tap finish and then basically your profile photo is being changed so then it's instantly updated you can also choose from photos and then just upload okay from the album but the album is the photos are only taken from your game experience so it's not taken you can't add your you know like a real live photo or anything like that so it's only like your 3d avatar unfortunately so that's a lot of people like it some people just really want their normal profile photo or just their own generated avatar but that's what you have it's not possible to upload further from camera i guess

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