Charging Animation Up app overview & how to use

hello everyone so here's this app called charging animation app um so this is the app which helps you to create super cool animations um while you are charging your iPhone and it says it has exclusive charging animation collection our editors and design team carefully pick amazing categories for you after selecting the charge animation you can also customize progress icons and charging sounds displayed on the screen while charging write new charging animations and sounds every week to keep the content fresh so here you can just see some of the examples so yeah let's just open it up and try to go through it together and then so you can start your free trial here so there are options like you can try it now get a full access um one week free trial but let's just try it out to see if they just have like a free version which you can explore um so here you see some of the animations available from some like Netflix shows some themes around CPU some like jokes like for example if I select this okay then I need to watch an ad obviously because I I didn't upgrade so then for example this is how it might look like um on your on your iPhone so then you can just select different fonts so you can customize it even more um like that if you want to have bigger timer if you have like a progress icon you want you can customize it as well uh there are all these sounds if you can add additional sounds um here and then you can just tap set animation so there you have it you know so that's basically the idea uh how you can do it here is a handy guide so open shortcuts tap automation at the bottom of the screen type create personal automation if you already have at least one automation tab to add new one scroll down to the list and tap charger make sure it's connect that option uh then yeah so here it should be it's connected then tap add action um and then tap apps and then you need to choose this app select next uh and then notify as before running turn off and turn off Note 5 and run and then tap down on the top right and there you have it so after you completed these steps when your phone is charging it will automatically show like the animation you selected in this app so yeah maybe it's a bit complicated process but the shortcuts app is just like a default app you have on every iPhone so there you have it here you can also create your own charging animations or either a live wallpaper or or like a charging animation and then there are wallpapers live or steel wallpapers which you can set up so that's basically that's basically it so yeah it's uh this app doesn't provide your app icons or Widgets or thumb scenes so it's only like a discharging animations and wallpapers so these are the two things which are provided by this app um so yeah that's basically the idea uh and that's uh that's how it works um uh hope that was helpful

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