Chat GPT-4 API - how to sign up for a waitlist?

Here's GPT-4, it was just announced in online conference by OpenAI. It's a new most advanced model. And yeah, at the moment you can only sign up for the wait list. So how to sign up for the wait list. So you can sign up for API wait list. We are making GPT-4 available as an API for developers to build applications and services. So then, yeah, you can just sign up here from first, last name, email, company name, and organization ID, and then just join wait list. During the gradual rollout of GPT-4, we are prioritizing API access to developers that contribute exceptional model evaluations to OpenAI evals to learn how we can improve the model for everyone. So yeah, we are processing requests for the 8K and 32K engines at different rates based on capacity. So that's that. So you can just go to this page and fill out this form. Some people already I think get it, but it just depends on these factors.

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