ChatGPT is at capacity right now - how to get notified when it is back?

so when I try to open chat GPT today I just see this chat GPT setting capacity right now and I can't even log in uh to my account and this message recently is appearing much more often than previously um so yeah like seems like in the beginning charge GPT became viral in Tech Community or like you know like attacked return Arts uh and now it's like everyone wants to try it out like in all countries because it's just went viral and yeah seems like that's um uh GPT is it's not yet scaled to it's not prepared yet for this scale for for the all for everyone so um uh that's basically what it is you can just type get notified when we are back uh we had a lot of people come by and try to check out GPT and our system accounted capacity if you want to get notified please submit your email here uh you can just keep checking out a chat okay let's go I can just enter some email uh you'll be notified when we are ready to try chat GPT um so that's basically that uh so yeah so there you have it so if you tap try judge GPT let's try again and that's it nothing is happening so it's not only you have this issue it's also a lot of other people and there is no like mobile app where you can just go to app reviews and just you know uh check that out or like you know something like that you can probably reach out to their support but not sure if that will help you can just submit the form and that's basically that

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