ChatGPT Professional version - how to signup for a waitlist?

hello so how to sign up for a professional version of chat GPT which will offer higher limits and faster performance so yeah there is you can follow Greg Brockman on Twitter and just go to his feed I think it's one of the developers in open AI where you can just find this form and why do you need this professional access because it's always available no blackout windows so sometimes if you if you see this message like GPT as at full capacity in professional version it always will be available so then you can see fast responses no shortly in as many messages as you need at least two extra regular daily limit if you select it will reach out to set up payment process and a pilot please keep up in mind it's in a little experimental program is subject to change and then you just need to write what's your email address what's your country of residence how to use please describe most valuable things at what price would you consider charge GPD to be so expensive that you would not consider buying it um and then these other questions which you can just check out um yep so that's basically the point so yeah uh try it out

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