ChatGPT - “We’re experiencing exceptionally high demand….”

so when I'm logging into chatgpts as we are experiencing exceptionally high demand so that's the message I can see today and yeah so that's basically that and yeah I've been reading on Twitter that now to avoid this you can just actually upgrade to chat GPT Pro unfortunately I don't see the option to upgrade to chat GPT Pro here in the left sidebar so uh yeah uh that's uh that's what it is at the moment um probably it will they will be rolling out this update uh soon uh to to most of the users probably right now they're just trying it out with a few cohorts yeah so that's basically the idea uh hope uh that can be helpful if you know any insights like if you're using cha GPT Pro does it still uh sometimes out of capacity or unavailable for you or you don't have any limitations um so there you have it

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