Chaty app - chat & make friends - full app overview

here is chat the app and yeah it's enter top 100 apps in social networking in US App Store so I'm just discovering what what my did uh quite uh used and popular so this is the app you can open it up and yes it's like a random video chat app uh somewhere you can see camera means there is like a video available but that's if you want to use this kind of apps uh then you can just uh write uh yeah so this is how it works you just have all these random profiles and then you can just write to them and text and something like that however I don't guarantee that anything of it is real these are not Bots and stuff like that because a lot of these apps are kind of quite scammy but if you like this kind of like online uh like random chatting or random dating maybe try out this app as well here you will see all the chats then you see your coins uh you have already 18 coins just by logging it in you don't even need to create an account so you have here you can get uh 550 150 coins starting from 4.99 then there is profile then in top left you can contact support you can delete account if you want uh yeah you can add a profile picture you can add it your username so like worry a very straightforward app very minimalistic nothing like unexpected it's just like basic settings so yeah uh here you have that and that's basically the idea so that's how the app looks like hope it is helpful

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