Checkmate app - scan your friends - how to create an account? Onboarding questions

here is a spiral app called checkmate see scan your friends so the idea of this app is that you can see a compatibility with anyone in seconds so how it works you just create an account with your phone number unfortunately it's only available in us right now and then basically you just answer some questions that's the scene I will do right now and then based on these answers people like this app you will calculate how compatible are you with your friends who also need to answer these questions so let's just go together and there are like 24 questions in this app which you need to answer I have the feelings for someone I usually if I have feelings for someone I usually yeah and then you can see how everybody answered and then tap to continue when someone runs to me I first offer so here you can see here I want to settle down yes so you can see rather gross someone is an outright reject them uh uh yeah like this is actually quite personal but here I'm just answering just an example for you sharing it in the video expensive uh so here you can see that I'm the definition of the life of the party foreign for everybody or yeah but at least you can have the idea so uh yeah foreign and then finally you are in the club now your scores will update as you answer more questions scan anyone you want uh it's time to do your first scan uh I'm with a friend and ready to go and then you can basically scan uh yeah uh scan someone uh yeah so that's basically the idea you can also give give access to your contacts unfortunately there are not many people in this app yet uh so uh yeah I'm not near anyone so then you can just give access give access to your contacts and maybe they're in this app already if they are not you will need to scan them but yeah this is my username so feel free to find me and scan as well uh so yeah that's the app it's pretty cool idea um then what you will be able to do you will see like that you and someone is 98 compatible I don't know like how it's calculates of what the algorithm what the technology behind this is so yeah um that's that's what it is but sure it's a fun app uh uh you can also go through some reviews super interesting please allow the ability to change profile photo to Emoji of choice have each questioner add towards a more accurate prediction I would get a five but there is an error on my question screen change answers can answer new questions change answers uh uh so yeah as you can see this app was released relatively not that long ago but it's already in top chart so definitely is a resumption to it and it uses a lot of AI so cool interesting idea

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