Chivo Wallet app overview - how to install on iPhone?

hello so here is chivo wallet app so this is the official bitcoin app in el salvador which supposed to be the first country to officially adopt bitcoin uh so to install it just tap get um and then you'll be able to install it in on your iphone just search for it in the app store and this is the app it's in spanish i guess you can see all your transactions you can convert from dollars to bitcoin um and all of that so let's just try to open it up so then you can just register here and then you can just enter your phone number and register so yeah that's how it works uh if you have additional comments about this app or anything just leave it in the comments it says that it's not ever seen as smooth it says like in the news that el salvador had disabled bitcoin reduction achiever just hours um bitcoin wallet upgrade was disconnected in order to increase the capacity of its servers so that's that [Music] yeah does it work for you or not this app what do you think                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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