CLEANUP Phone Storage Cleaner - app overview

hello heroes cleanup app phone storage cleaner so let's just install it see how it works it's in the top charts in us app store so here you can just install it clean up your iphone delete duplicate photos delete similar photos free up some storage uh hide secret photos merge duplicate contacts set charging animations organize your library add pictures to your phone that's what you can do cleaning up your photo library is so boring only keep the past photos yeah on my case i just have google photos account uh and i uh and then i can just delete all the photos there uh and then yeah i can just give some notifications delete duplicate photos select contacts and then you have unlimited access instantly detect similar photos now add sample storage and time so now you have photos which in your media library uh and you see suggestions that are around like 43 gigabytes of storage to clean up you can see the status that is charging and then you can see duplicates instantly you can see videos you can see i have 735 videos that's like 43 gigabytes photos that i can see also i have like similar photos here i have some photos and it just shows me like for example i have 10 selfies and it just shows me which one is the best one so here i can just tap more move to trash and then empty trash so yeah something like that and you can do it with many photos so a lot of people just taking like you know 30 50 photos and then instantly i'm just deleting that so instead of it's yeah it's okay like to take 30 photos with new iphones with the same pictures but it's always better like okay it took the 10 photos but maybe just you know keep the two good ones why to keep all the 30 photos you do from the different angles so that's just my suggestions and then there are different utilities here as well you can use the mile cleaner you can remove some secret space after import or something like that um and then this is like fast delete fast cleaning option there are similar 17 photos duplicate for the screenshots and you can see how you can easily save that so that's basically the app overview uh then [Music] then there are contacts you can see duplicate contacts secret space i don't know what that is secret library protect your private photos by creating a pin so you can just add it here and store them in this app i don't know how secure is that [Music] and then there's widgets section you can see battery storage uh so all different widgets and then you can just set a widget so you are seeing like okay 88 or like 90 plus percent of my storage is filled it's time to clean up so you can try to do something like that

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