Clockology app overview

here's interesting app called clockology make your own unique clocks it's in top charts in Graphics and Design category you can see here you can in this app you can create a few interactive dashboards on all of your mobile devices with a powerful editor you can tap into your creative site and make your own feature Rich dashboards custom Tethered to the information and visuals you would like to see in addition you can share and import Creations from other users around the world see beautiful clocks on a nightstand or that's using iPhone iPad or iPod Touch and yeah so basically you can just customize all of these different clocks uh using them as widgets I guess um so tap the send to watch button to sync your color to Apple watch if you see an orange send towards your iPhone Apple are ready to sync your clock will automatically update to the correct minute when your braces down so you can see that and that's basically that uh um so here you can see some popular new and popular designs which which you you need to First give access here and that's basically yeah the clock design which you can start using and then you can just tap on this watch icon and if you have your Apple watch synced with your iPhone then you just can enable that so yeah this is the cool app basically to uh yeah to start syncing your watches and you can also edit existing designs here you can add some new layer and yeah just really make your Apple watch super personal and uh we are super authentic and stand out um so yeah here for example you have this watch ideas and then you can just try it out uh so yeah that's basically the idea then you have your profile you can enter the username and that's basically yeah you can also create your username and design your own watches uh just from scratch here which is pretty cool text is so you can just add all of these layers and that's basically the idea so yeah hope this can be helpful and that's the app

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