so here is clock out community and networking app uh this is a new interesting app where you can some join some communities and networks especially for uh for young professionals so if you just graduated college if you recently graduated um and you want to find you know uh some nice opportunities some interesting connections and networks here is the app you can definitely try out uh of course you can tell like there are so many apps like that there like so many networking apps are like like you know facebook whatsapp groups telegram like linkedin obviously but yes this is just a niche app and you can have a much higher quality community here so you can create group chats you can see all the relevant events and meetups you can see reviews and ratings and so long hours most new cities and the drift from france continue to make it hard to meet new people or find fun things to do so we are on a mission to truly celebrate friendship and foster authentic connections um so this is the app and then you can just create an account uh using your apple id or facebook or google and then you need to turn on your location so basically the one downside of the app is that it's i think it's only available in united states or some big cities it's not like worldwide so that you can see many users around the world so right now i'm in europe so i don't want to turn location because then i don't see any matches here but this is just like a quick preview of the app so you have your home feed you can see people and then uh yeah you can add friends you can search for events you can create your own posts there are like chats you can start chatting you can create a group chat you can find your people create new group chat and just basically browse through your home feed find all the events and different interesting people you can set up discover settings um so that's basically like tinder for professional networking you can reach out to to the app support this is also what you can do um then there you can just change your details your first name last name and when you create an account it's actually quite a long process you need to add all of these details [Music] like about which university you graduated what's your graduation year are you a member of some clubs your social media links your interests and then yeah basically if you're not happy you can easily delete your account but yeah that's basically the idea of the app that is just you know like battle version of facebook groups for young professionals um uh and especially you can meet a lot of new professionals in this app and this car discuss your career moves maybe find some job opportunities some like nice networking and this is the app for that and of course you can also just find friends here but yeah unfortunately i think this app is available in full capacity only in us and i guess only in kind of like big cities like new york l.a uh boston or something like that so that's where i would try it out if you're somewhere other places in the world sometimes you can find some users or bodies sometimes not so definitely give a try to this app and see if it works for you so thank you for watching

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