Co-Star - personalized astrology - how to create account?

here is co-star app which is uh personalized uh astrology uh and this app is like yeah really fun to use uh it's in top charts in the as app store so yeah super interesting app which you can use with your friends or your partners and it's kind of like social experience bringing astrology into the 21st century featured in many media like new york times cosmo buzzfeed this ai can write your horoscope good advice so you can check out your plan by plan compatibility at france to keep track of their zodiac signs real-time updates and all of that so one of the most popular astrology apps right now so yeah let's just open it up and let's see yeah how to so this is basically the app i think i already i created an account i can see all the charts and basically to create an account uh yeah you just need to of course like is as in all astrology apps you need to uh sign up uh give your birth date give your place of birth and probably like time uh like precise time when you were born or something and then this app will use ai to give you all of this stuff so yeah uh that's the idea and it's super entertaining app like depending how you you know do you believe in astrology or not but it's really kind of entertaining and fun to use app

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