Coffee Meets Bagel - how to install on iPhone

hey everyone so here is this dating app which is called coffee meets bagel so let's try to install it on iphone just type cat and then confirm with the touch id of face id and then there you have it it should start installation so yeah it's a bit different to tinder or bumble so if you're looking to alternative to those apps it can be a nice alternative i never used this app but let's just explore it together and let's see how it works so yeah let's try to create an account first let's see like what what is the process uh there are different i tried a lot of dating apps and they're like just different ways some apps are literally asking you dozens of questions to make your profile like more deeper and that you can have like better matches and then okay i will just like link my apple id because yeah it's the fast way to create an account so there you have it and then let's go through the questions uh okay so and the feature of coffee meets bagel as far as i understand is that's the app for like more long-term relationships opposed to tinder um so you just answer the standard questions then you enter a location i'm not sure if the app is available worldwide then you need to upload photos you can also skip it for now let's just skip it it's like what's your hate so you can enable that okay so and then they tell me what's the meet your first bagel what's your bagel does that's a potential match and there you have it now you have this profile and then let's see what happened now you can like someone or just keep someone so that's how it looks like that's the app and then you can access to premium and all of that so that was just the process how to create an account i'll probably create another video just the full overview of the app after trying out all the features and using it but anyways there you have it                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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