Coffee Meets Bagel Dating app - full overview and how to use?

so here is coffee meets by gold dating app um it's constantly in the top charts of app store uh in different categories for example it's among 200 apps in lifestyle right now um but yeah it's one of the great alternatives to tinder or bumble or other app you're using so if you want to try some new high quality experience try out this app and i think that the overall vibe around this app is that it's more designed for finding like long-term relationships so it's not just like tinder around that so that's the point of the app um you can see here that 86 percent of cmb dieters looking for something serious uh yeah of course you have also premium version but we will go through that and yeah so there are around 124 k plus ratings 4.5 out of 5 average rating here so let's just go through that so yeah okay here's my profile so first of all i created another video about starting this app creating your profile super easy uh you can just log in with apple id on iphone there aren't like 50 questions so everything is quite straightforward and pretty fast because in other apps you can just have another date and apps you can have like 30 50 questions about all your habits and it can take you half an hour to create an account but here it's uh super fast and then you just have suggested feed where you can see all the matches uh and it's like um yeah like tinder and then you have like a limited number of likes you can send you can just tap a heart icon or you can just also send like a message and then tap send like um so yeah that's about it looks like tinder you can also in the bottom tab to block and report or something um then you can see in the second tab who liked you uh we'll update you here when you get likes then you can just go to discover uh you can search so you can select distance 40 kilometers ethnicity activising and then just apply and then [Music] you'll see all these people and then you can just send likes so that's kind of a bit different feature compared to tinder here you really have like a search engine where you can search people depending on different parameters and filters and then you can just select age so then yeah then you can start a new search you added a search then you have chats here where you have all these conversations and yeah in this app i think by goal means it's a new match so if you get uh a match is kind of like coffee means by gold so yeah then in top right you will see the your number of your beans uh if you want to send more likes or something or some additional features you will need more beans that's how the app is monetized you can also get free beans in the bottom you can get 500 beans for just inviting someone or 200 for following this app on instagram then you can just purchase these beans here for like 24.99 3000 beans there is also an option to subscribe to premium where like one month is 30 dollars which is actually quite expensive right but you can go for like six months 99 and then it's like 16 dollars per month so that's cheaper and then there you also have your wallet and that's basically that's that's the app then here is your profile you can just tap on it um you can add all your uh information you can add ice breakers in the bottom you can add all of these questions you can add more photos you can add prompts prompts are like example answers okay let's just just an example and then you just added a prompt here you can add all these photos you can always edit them and yeah then you have preferences you can always add like preferences for suggested matches then you will see here some profile tips so yeah some interesting photos so yes i'm interesting tips okay here you can also invite again and earn 500 beans then there is like help support so you can always read all the faq sections and then you can submit a support request in case you are you don't know what's going on somewhere and then you can go to settings and here the important stuff is just you can pause your account so pausing your account means that your data won't be deleted but you just won't be shown in the discovery field and in the search and all of that so you can just pause your account if you want to completely delete your account just go to the bottom and from here you can delete your account and just tap delete my account in the bottom uh you can also tap here to log out uh yeah um then you can enable or disable sign in with apple you can enable disable like push notifications here so all of that standard settings um so yeah that's about it i would say that's the app i didn't explore it completely but it's like seems like a nice friendly design it's super easy to use uh nice and excessive and yeah you can really get a hand of it like in a few minutes so definitely give a try to this app let's see yeah if you have any success if you already used it a lot and if you prefer the batter then just leave some comments below interesting to to know why do you think this app can be better than tinder or badu or bumble or some other major apps why do you think this app is more more fun to use should you upgrade to this app i don't know if you upgrade you can just get full access to see who liked you you can have addis car likes per month monthly profile boost activity reports read receipts skip the line exclusive deals and bills on beans so if you subscribe to a premium you can get more beans for cheaper price or something so yeah uh that's the abs that's about it um anyways thanks for watching everyone uh please subscribe to my channel i'm trying to reach hundred thousand subscribers recently there are more subscribers so that's fun thank you so much you can also visit my website mr hack.i i also occasionally do some tech podcasts where i just discover and tell about some tech news or some cool tech apps so hope that was insightful guys thanks for watching and see you around                                                                                            

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