here's color widget app so just tap get and then use Touch ID to install it color widgets makes adding aesthetic and handy videos to your home screen and lock screen easy so this app has both like standard home screen widgets from IOS 14 and just recently released iOS 16 now also has widgets on your lock screen just from stunning produce Widgets or battery at Creator on which is the easy to use widget editor browse dozens of video types like Photo countdown date and Battery whether quotes and many more color features doesn't stop at widgets you can also discover and this icon packs and wallpaper will perfectly match your aesthetic customize each widget to Perfection add pictures to a widget edit their font Creator on color scheme so much more here's a glimpse of we just time date and Battery countdown daily hourly and current weather uh music and playlist calendar Quark reminders icon packs so yeah something like that so we can just adapt and then you can just continue then you can just set up your widget as you want you can change it anytime add featured to your home screen and then then there is like a pro version so here is my widget here you have all types of widgets and of course if you upgrade to Pro account you have much more like maybe better designs and much bigger selections you have photos gradients quotes music pastel calendar minimal weather countdown aesthetic all in one floor QR links a reminder highly forecast sport Neon and then to add we just use screen touch and hold an empty area on your home screen until the app giggle click the plus button in upper corner search for color widgets and add widget and then you can just add multiple different widgets also you can add like widgets to your lock screen navigate to your lock screen and touch and hold for customize button to appear click the customize button click at we just search for color pages and then just select a size and that's it also you can add custom app icons so I don't have IOS 16 but there you have it let's just install like a classic home screen widget so as you can see I'll just type and hold and app start to jiggle and then I can just select color widgets and the widgets I already built is already here so I can just tap add widget and there you have it then I can just tap edit widget and there you have it now I can add it something like that so as you can see that's how easy it is and yeah this app has a really a lot of this well-designed very colorful widgets because in many other apps that were like neutral or black and gray like the designs here are very bright and very interesting also they have all these like icon packs which you can set up like you can save this pack then there are settings uh if you want that's what you can use as well then there are themes uh seems uh completely like wallpapers icons and widgets all together so yeah that's basically the idea hope that is helpful

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