Cougar dating app - how to create an account?

okay so here is this app which is called cougar so this is one of the dating apps uh probably you've heard about tinder or bumble but there are so many niche dating apps so here for example in this app is about young man dating older women so yeah that's about that and you can see this app is in the top charts and in us app store it's number 91 right now in social networking category so super easy you can just go create free account uh upload at least one photo use search filters and then yeah um then just continue like with the the tinder so here is just an example i'm not interested to use this but i can just show you how it works um then you can just add where are you from then you can select the range here and then just enter your email and just tap done of course okay you need to still to select your photo [Music] or maybe it's just easier to take a photo so just as an example here and then [Music] and still and there you have it finally your account is created so there you have it that's that's the idea of the app that's how you create an account here then you can just go to profile here you can go to boost i don't know what that is probably something like tinder boost showcase these are the top profiles of the some people and then you can also search you can set up filters so pretty similar to other dating apps so there you have it hope that was helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

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