Crypto Nation Pro app overview - Is it scam?

hey everyone so here is this app which is called cryptonationpro you can go to the website and yeah so this is a they say that they're kind of like some advanced trading platform now we are on the cusp of another 2017. all cryptocurrencies start to explode and you don't want to miss out uh so there you have it this is more important now more than ever so why crypto nation pros there is some advanced ai it's a free platform and all of that um they're just writing some stuff about like some second revolt boom all of that uh [Music] so yeah there you have it and then there is another app which is called like revolt app so you can just go to like crypto revolt and i i did i created an account and i left my like email address and like phone and what happens basically there is like some guy like calling me and just like asking like immediately i'm a manager you can only open your account if you have a manager so it's a bit of a red flag like which kind of if you have this advanced ai algorithm just let me create an account myself like no you can only create our account via manager and then you just immediately need to deposit some money and then if i create an account i'm redirected to some like third party like trading platform where i need to create an account and minimum deposit is like 250 dollars it's like you don't even know like how to get them back or withdraw them so like it's like pretty sketchy guys and as i can see like both crypto reward and crypto nation pro they have like the same designs so as you can see here the app is actually the same menu in the top the same form so i think what's happened actually happening here it's like some company like basically created like 100 of these websites which just have like crypto wall cryptonation pro crypto software anything like and they just have all these offers they probably just run like tons of facebook ads twitter ads trying to get a lot of people on some kind of like offer or trading offers that's like cryptocurrency is super hard like you can't figure out which coin to buy or something like that and then you just need to like buy them and let's just deposit like 500 bucks and we will make it money for you so probably you will make some money on it probably you're not i don't know there's also probabilities this is just like a scam um [Music] that you will never get this 500 dollars back or even more uh so yeah and i also like the guy on the phone told me this like we will have this like analytics analytics expert attached to you and if you're a novice you don't know anything about crypto some analytical guy will help you out and i will set up an account and i'm your account manager you can't open an account yourself you can only open an account here us and then there is some analytics uh guy or team which will help you out and there is a whole academy and you will learn more of that so it sounds like pretty interesting but like in the end it's like is it real if you have guys like tens of websites which looks the same and just have like different headlines um so it can be a bit sketchy so it's like super interesting to know your thoughts guys if you have ever used them just leave it in the comments below super interesting to know like if if there's these scams are happening because obviously that there are a lot of people who are making a lot of money right now in crypto and obviously therefore there are so many platforms which try to scam you also like this guy told me like it's almost new year so you should definitely put some money instantly now and then you can make some money just before new year and then you can have like a very nice new year celebration like which which kind of manager like telling me this kind of stuff and they're like talent we are super international company we have offices in shanghai in moscow in like in london and we're just opening like next year yeah yeah we will be in your city but maybe next year maybe a bit later so something like that like you know like what what is this so if you have any ideas about this just leave it in the comments below so more people have more knowledge about it

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