hey everyone so i just found this like live uh speechless mark zuckerberg um on facebook app and this is basically an audio room which looks similar to clubhouse i'm just curious where are the audio rooms on facebook app like where can you find them when i tap to create a room i just can't find like an audio room i only can create video room but i'm interested to create like this so if i search for audio room i can't just find it [Music] so yeah if i go here like if i want to create live or something [Music] there is no option to create an audio room here if i create a room there's also no option to uh change it only to the to the audio room so i'm just curious guys like if you know like how to create an audio room on facebook would be super helpful                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

Salesforce Omni-Channel Audio Setti...
Salesforce Omni-Channel Audio Settings
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